For our partners

For our partners

Dear Partner/ Employer/ Customer

Limited Liability Company “Eurocenter-Ukraine” (EUC) is an international labour company with offices in Ukraine and Poland providing recruitment services & solutions across the Europe. We offer an innovative HR approach through the recruitment and outstaffing foreign workers from Ukraine.

EUC is licensed by Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine to carry out international employment programs (license #756 dated 13.07.2016)

We have a long-standing experience in recruiting skilled and motivated candidates that are fit for purpose within short timescales for permanent, temporary and seasonal/contract positions across a range of industries (tourism & hospitality, personal and customer services, warehousing transport & mechanics, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, food & beverage processing, meat and processing, etc)

  • Since 2015 more than 1500 Ukrainian workers have been placed with Polish employers;
  • We have an extensive database with 10 000 candidates with professional skills and willing to work abroad;
  • Our team are professionals with significant experience in the international recruiting across Poland, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand;
  • Our processing department specialists have strong skills in work permit/study permit/visitor/permanent/temporary resident visa application preparation according to immigration law.

At the beginning of 2018 we intend to open new employment programs to Canada, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ireland, and other EU countries. Currently we’re looking for employers to be our customers. Mostly we’re interested in direct employers - companies, plants and factories, private entrepreneurs or business owners in different industries.

We are now ready to provide you with in-demand specialists and general workers at European labour market. These are welders (arc welder, gas welder, electric and gas welder); auto mechanics; constructors (drywallers, tiles, stucco plasterers, steal erectors, concrete workers, roofers, floor installers), electricians; technician-mechanics; drivers and long haul truck drivers; tailors and seamstresses; farm workers, harvesters, pickers; butchers, meat cutters, slaughterers; waiters, bartenders, housekeepers, cleaners, hairdressers, kitchen helpers, cooks and bakers; warehouse workers, packers, etc.

We offer:

  • Professional services which include recruiting, HR consulting, outstaffing, training & certification, visa support and paperwork;
  • A large pool of candidates with qualifications across the sectors we work in. They are motivated and enthusiastic for an opportunity to work in EU countries;
  • Team of HR professionals and independent experts;
  • Flat fee for recruitment services.

What we’re expected from you as an Employer-Our customer:

  • Be ready to hire a foreign worker (Ukrainian);
  • Be ready to extend an employment contract for employees;
  • Be ready to build long-term partnership with our company.

If You're stil interested in a long-term collaboration with stable professional Ukrainian recruitment company, we’re ready at any time. Please use the most convenient way of connection for You.

Contact our  Business Development Manager  - Tatiana Porodzinskaya

Skype:; Tel: +‎38 (096) 699-32-08; +38 (093) 794-01-41 (Viber) ; E-mail:

Contact the CEO of LLC "Eurocenter-Ukraine", Iaroslav Mazur

Skype: iaroslav.mazur; Tel: +38 (067) 745-61-68 (Viber,What'sUp); E-mail: